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Joy of Seeing – Cortijo Romero


Mindful Photography at Cortijo Romero

cr_logoCortijo Romero is one of the best respected centres for personal development holidays in Europe and it is an honour to present our “Joy of Seeing” workshops there. Cortijo Romero Website
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Like our core workshops, Cortijo Romero is also situated on the edge or Órgiva in Las Alpujarras. Read more about Las Alpujarras

Our Approach

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.” – William Blake

This photography week with a difference is a wonderful way to bring ourselves into the present moment, to experience fully and to rediscover the beauty in everyday things around us. By being mindful and immersing ourselves in our surroundings, photographs will flow to us naturally.

Ken’s approach helps re-connect you to the joy of seeing, using mindfulness to create a fresh way of being behind a camera. During the week’s holiday, Ken you will be inspired to see the world around you in the present moment, and as a result, you will find a whole new way to create images that delight and are wholly you.

We will learn to notice when we see something, to ask “what stopped me” and to REALLY see what is there for what it is, without judgement. Making the photograph is just the final step.

If you would like to share a week exploring mindful photography with like-minded people, sharing fabulous vegetarian meals, relaxing in beautiful gardens amongst ancient olives, surrounded by stunning mountains, under a radiant blue sky … this could be the holiday for you!

The weather in the Alpujarras will be warm, and included in the holiday will be a trip into the surrounding mountains to visit the unspoilt villages that sit in white clusters, nestled amid the deep gorges of the region. Take in far-reaching views across the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and down to the sea. Treat yourself to a truly soulful, restful week and go home with new photography skills to play with. And perhaps, a whole new view of life!

The practice of photography can be a joyful and therapeutic pastime in itself, allowing us to express ourselves and ideas in new and individual ways.

Some of the ideas we work with include:

  • putting aside our preconceptions about what makes for “good” photography
  • being mindful and in the moment
  • letting go – learning to see without judgement
  • understanding core principles of visual design, which help us to arrange our subject matter
  • taking part in exercises and assignments, some as a group and others designed uniquely for you as an individual
  • uncovering blocks and unhelpful self-talk that prevent us from expressing ourselves fully
  • sharing, talking, laughing, relaxing: creating the right conditions for good creative flow

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    Cortijo Romero

    Cortijo Romero is a breathtakingly beautiful alternative holiday centre like no other; in a magnificent Andalucian mountain setting with delightful accommodation and delicious healthy food.

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Booking and Information

Booking for this holiday is direct with Cortijo Romero. Please see their website for all information.


3-10 November 2018

- Available


27 April-4 May 2019

- Available



  • 7 nights’ accommodation
  • All meals
  • Photography coaching on six days
  • Tai chi or yoga, dance, walking, swimming, Spanish lessons
  • One full day excursion and other walks