Mindful Photography Workshops from Touching the Light

Photography Workshops

Mindful photography workshops, holidays and retreats, led by Ken Scott

The Joy of Seeing

Our “Joy of Seeing” photography workshops provide an introduction to Mindful Photography, a wonderful way to bring ourselves into the present moment and to rediscover the beauty in everyday things around us.

Invest in Yourself

The workshop is about you as an individual artist, less about the places we go to, inspiring and special though they are.

Our mindful, photographer-centred approach allows you to see the world confidently in your own way and without judgement. The practice of photography can be a joyful and therapeutic pastime in itself, allowing us to express ourselves and ideas in new and individual ways.

Your week with us will be a holiday in the original sense of the word: a time for renewal of spirit and fresh outlooks. We will walk, relax, socialise and share.

And by immersing ourselves in our surroundings and fully experiencing where we are, photographs will flow naturally. Not only will you make great photographs – images that are yours – you will come away with a new-found confidence in your photography.

Some of the ideas we work with include:

  • putting aside our preconceptions about what makes for “good” photography
  • being mindful and in the moment
  • letting go – learning to see without judgement
  • understanding core principles of visual design, which help us to arrange our subject matter
  • taking part in exercises and assignments, some as a group and others designed uniquely for you as an individual
  • uncovering blocks and unhelpful self-talk that prevent us from expressing ourselves fully
  • sharing, talking, laughing, relaxing: creating the right conditions for good creative flow

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Thank you for my wonderful week with you. It was a very special time for me and with time spent with special people in such a beautiful place. It was a week before I stopped "floating" above my usual timetable and I was so relaxed, people commented on how laid back I was!Carol
This has been the best workshop I have attended so far, I have learned so much even from the people I have met here, not just in regards to photography but in regards to life; it has been one special wonderful experience, it's going to be sad to say goodbye to these people.Yvettehttp://ygphotography.ie