Mindful Photography Workshops from Touching the Light


How to Book

The information on this page is designed to help you make your booking quickly and easily for our workshops at La Estrellita.

Note: Bookings for Cortijo Romero and Manzac d’en Bas are made directly with those establishments.

Understand the Nature of the Work

Firstly, please read the workshop descriptions carefully. We are striving to make these workshops a different experience, so if there is anything you wish to talk about, please get in contact by email or telephone. We can confirm availability and explain more about the content and let you decide before making a commitment whether the work will be suitable for you.

The Booking Form.

You may complete the form by editing the document, but please print and sign before returning. You may return your form either by email or by post.

  • Please use one form per individual or couple. Do make sure to complete a profile for each participant / guest.
  • Your booking will be made when this form and a profile for each guest is received and accepted by us along with your deposit.
  • Insurances: It is a condition of booking that you have adequate travel insurance. If you know details at the time of booking, please note them on your booking form. If not, we will request details when you pay your balance of fees.
  • When you make a booking with us, you accept the Terms and Conditions so please make sure you have read them.

We hope to offer an electronic booking service directly from the website for 2015 and beyond.

Non-participating Partners

We welcome non-participating partners on the workshop and excursions provided that you both jointly are self-sufficient for transport. You understand that we are unable to make adjustments to the photography programme to accommodate non-participants’ needs and that, owing to the nature of the work, we may need to ask non-participants to exclude themselves from some activities.

Making Payments

Deposits are detailed with the particulars for each workshop. The balance is payable not later than 8 weeks before departure and will be confirmed by your invoice.

Payments are accepted by cheque, by credit / debit card via PayPal, or by bank transfer.

  • Cheque payable to: Ken Scott Photography
  • BACS / IBAN / Online transfer: see booking form

Please enclose your deposit cheque with your forms or BACS payment with your cover email.

We regret that we are no longer accepting payment by PayPal owing to high transaction charges.

The Profile Forms

Please complete these as fully and as honestly as you can. Your information is private and confidential between yourself and the course leaders and is not shared for any purpose to anyone.

  • Special Dietary Needs: Please indicate clearly any dietary preferences, e.g. vegetarian, vegetarian incl fish, vegan etc. We can cater for most needs but it is vital that we know of any food allergies.
  • Medical Conditions / Disability: It is essential that we know of any health condition or disability which might affect your ability to participate in the workshop. Please feel free to discuss any such needs with us in confidence. Accessibility at La Estrellita.
    • Please Note: We will endeavour to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate your needs but should we feel for any reason that we are unable to do so we reserve the right to decline your booking request without discrimination or prejudice. We also reserve the right to request a surcharge to cover such adjustments as may be needed and to agree special conditions concerning care. Do read the Terms and Conditions carefully.
  • Walking Ability: Do indicate your walking ability, so that we can plan walks with the group. As a guide we expect to make several walks of up to five miles in rough but easy country, spread over several hours. Streets in the hill villages and in Ă“rgiva are also very steep in places.
  • Photographic Experience and Interests: An indication of your photographic experience and, in particular, your subject interests and approach, will help us to plan personal coaching for you.
  • Workshop Experience: You’ve read the description and hopefully you can see that we are trying to do something different with our workshop experience. What appeals to you about our workshop offering?
  • Outcomes: What would you like to have achieved at the end of the workshop? You might not know until you get there, but we find it is useful to form an initial goal, even if you change direction.