Mindful Photography Workshops from Touching the Light


La Alpujarra provides the most magnificent variety for the seeing photographer. It is not a place where sweeping landscapes sit up and beg to be photographed. No, they are spectacular but they are not obvious. The people are reticent but willing to engage. There is beauty and degradation in equal measure.  It is a place of intimacy, which rewards photographers who can throw expectation aside and let the place come to them in all its guises.


Our Flickr group features the work of all our guests, plus some of our own. There is a vast wealth of visual material in Las Alpujarras. See what our workshop participants made of it all.


Photovate guests at work.  On our workshop holidays, we hope there will be relatively few occasions where we are all lined up behind tripods looking at the same thing. Photography with us is all about individuality of expression, yet at the same time sharing ideas and learning together.