Mindful Photography Workshops from Touching the Light


Changes to Terms and Conditions – February 2015

Version 1.4 of our Terms and Conditions makes several changes as detailed below. Changes to Terms and Conditions are necessary from time to time based on our experiences and other advice.

Needs Disclosure

  • For your own enjoyment, comfort and safety and for that of other guests we require that you disclose at the time of booking any special need such as a health condition, disability or dietary requirement that our workshop leaders and hosts should be aware of. Such details are material to the contract and we may seek clarification.
  • We will endeavour to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate your needs but should we feel for any reason that we are unable to do so we reserve the right to decline your booking request without discrimination or prejudice.
  • In all cases you (or you and your partner jointly) must be able to take full personal responsibility without placing any burden of care on our staff and without risk to your own safety or to the safety, enjoyment and convenience of our other guests. We may request a surcharge to cover such adjustments and may seek to agree special conditions concerning care.

Non-participating Partners

  • We welcome non-participating partners on the workshop and excursions provided that you both jointly are self-sufficient for transport. You understand that we are unable to make adjustments to the photography programme to accommodate non-participants’ needs and that, owing to the nature of the work, we may need to ask non-participants to exclude themselves from some activities.


  • You warrant that all details provided to us are complete and correct at the time of booking. It is your responsibility to bring to our attention any subsequent changes, errors and discrepancies immediately and prior to arrival.
  • We reserve the right to ask you (and your party) to leave the workshop immediately and without recourse to compensation or refund if in our sole judgement you are responsible for a material breach or non-disclosure of information that might have affected our acceptance of your booking had it been disclosed.

Loss or Damage to Property

  • You agree to report to our staff any loss or damage to property not belonging to you, however small, and to indemnify the owner of that property for its repair or replacement.